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Silver Collection

Koréil silver jewelry is in its early stages, as we're mainly focused on gold. However, the journey has already taken us to 925 Sterling silver which we've requested be plated with rhodium. This combination creates a stunning finish with an incredible durability, producing designs truly worth a place in everyone's collection.

Our beautiful collection currently offers a ring and earrings; hoops.


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Copy of Signature Hoops Silver by Koréil
Signature Silver Hoops by Koréil Jewelry

Signature Silver Hoops

695 kr
2 styles
Diana Link Hoops by Koréil
Diana Link Hoops by Koréil
Quinn Oval Hoops Silver by Koréil
Quinn Oval Hoops Silver by Koréil Jewelry

Quinn Oval Silver Hoops

545 kr
2 styles

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