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About Koréil


The idea behind Koréil started quite a long time ago when Katarina, our founder, was spending hours after every school day in her mother's jewelry boutique. Days turned into months, summer holidays and years, and she was smitten by the way jewelry made women feel when they walked into the store.

Since then, Katarina has always dreamt of creating a jewelry line offering pieces that would make women feel like the best version of themselves is coming to light. Koréil jewelry is made to last through trends, seasons, and serve many occasions and moods. The pieces are timeless, elegant, bold and edgy- yet practical for everyday use.

The name Koréil is a light combination of the French word for Sun, soleil and gold, or. Each and every piece is designed to make any outfit shine, in any occasion you might find yourself in. Beautiful, just like the person wearing it, Koréil jewelry is there to be a staple in any collection.

Fri frakt inom Sverige. We also ship worldwide.


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