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Taking Care of Your Koréil Jewelry: Tips for Long-lasting Luster

At Koréil, each piece of jewelry is meticulously crafted with enduring elegance in mind. Our goal is to ensure your cherished items stand the test of time, outlasting fleeting fashion trends to become timeless treasures.

To achieve this, your Koréil pieces require a little TLC from their proud owners. The care you provide can extend their lifespan, allowing them to sparkle for years to come. 

Understanding Your Jewelry's Needs

It's crucial to remember that not all jewelry items have the same care requirements. The materials and compositions of your jewelry pieces will determine what they can withstand and how they should be maintained. For more insights, check out our comprehensive guide here.

Despite our Koréil pieces being thoughtfully designed for exceptional durability and water resistance, it doesn't exempt them from needing a bit of love. By following our care recommendations, you'll ensure your favorite jewelry maintains its shine for the longest time possible.

Your Care Package from Koréil

Each Koréil order comes beautifully packaged in an organic cotton pouch and an eco-friendly, FSC approved jewelry box, specifically designed to store your pieces safely when not being worn.

Alongside your new jewelry, you'll find a specially designed soft cleaning cloth. This tool is included to assist in removing any residue that may accumulate through daily wear, thereby helping to prolong the life of your pieces.

Lastly, we include a Jewelry Care Card. This guide offers a quick reference with easy-to-follow tips on maintaining the longevity of your Koréil items.

Guidelines for Caring for Your Koréil Jewelry

Proper and regular care of your jewelry is crucial, especially around physical activities or exposure to elements like water and sweat. To extend the life and maximize the luster of your pieces, we recommend the following:

  • Remove your jewelry before showering, bathing, or swimming.
  • Avoid direct exposure of your jewelry to perfumes and harsh chemicals.
  • Remove your jewelry prior to engaging in physical activities to reduce sweat buildup.
  • Always give your jewelry their own space, preferably in their designated pouch or box, to prevent tangling or damage.
  • Use your Koréil cleaning cloth regularly to remove residue or buildup.
  • Store your pieces in the provided cotton pouch or box when not in use.

A Note to Our Valued Customers

We wholeheartedly appreciate your love for our brand and hope that you enjoy wearing your Koréil pieces as much as we loved creating them. Each piece reflects our passion and commitment to offering you exceptional jewelry that shines as brightly as you do. Thank you for your support! 💝

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