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Caring for Your Jewelry

Each and every Koréil jewelry piece is created with love and attention to detail with the goal to be long-lasting and timeless, and as such deserve love and attention from their new owners. Properly caring for your jewelry prolongates its lifespan, allowing your beautiful pieces to last you through trends and seasons.

Need all jewelry be cared for the same? 🤔

Before we get going, we'd like to inform you that the materials and compositions of jewelry pieces do matter in what they can be exposed to and tolerate. You can read more here.

To summarise, Koréil pieces are extremely durable and waterproof thanks to how we designed them, but on the other hand it doesn't make them immune to being loved. 🥰

We hope the information below leaves you confident you'll be having shiny jewelry for a very long time to come.

What you'll receive in the package to get going 💝

Unboxing your Koréil order, first thing you will see is your jewelry pieces placed in a complimentary organic cotton pouch or an eco-friendly, FSC approved jewelry box. These are designed to store your Koréil jewelry between wears and offer an aesthetically pleasing place to store your pieces.

In order to help you care for your pieces, a specially designed jewelry cleaning cloth is also included to aid remove any residue buildup from daily wear. In short designed to prolong the lifespan of your Koréil jewelry.

Together with the storage and cloth, you also get a Jewelry Care Card with easy to remember bullet points.

How to take care of your jewelry from Koréil 

We always recommend that you care for your jewelry regularly and properly. Your pieces will especially appreciate it prior to and after any physical activity such as working out, swimming or a day at the beach, as well as everyday activities such as showering, doing the dishes and sleeping and so forth.

If you need to refresh your memory or have simply recycled the care card, we've outlined them here for permanent reference. To prolongate the life and maximize the shine of your jewelry pieces, we do recommend that you regularly:

  • Remove your jewelry before showering, bathing or swimming etc
  • Refrain from directly exposing the jewelry to perfumes and other chemicals
  • Remove your jewelry before physical activity to minimize sweat buildup
  • Give your jewelry their own bed to prevent tangling and bending in yours
  • Use your Koréil jewelry cleaning cloth to remove any buildups
  • Store your jewelry in the accompanying cotton pouch or box

Closing note 📝

We sincerely hope that you love your pieces and that you find yourself reaching for them often! We put our heart and soul into our jewelry pieces and truly appreciate your support. ❤️


The New Drops

We're very proud to present our newest drops to the Koréil collection. We don't want to spoil too much, but they are gorgeous and truly something - you'll want to check them out!

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