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Copy of Koréil's Waterproof Jewelry

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that at Koréil we focus on high quality stainless steel jewelry pieces, but what makes our jewelry waterproof?

Koréil jewelry is made with surgical grade 316L Stainless Steel as a base metal, which makes for shower-safe and waterproof jewelry pieces. Other metal jewelry such as brass, regular steel and alloys use an obscene amount of carbon in manufacturing. This practice is not only harmful for the environment, but due to the oxygen content it makes for a poor choice when wanting to wear your jewelry in water, as it becomes more prone to rusting.

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Koréil pieces are designed with highest grade stainless steel used in jewelry making. As such, our jewelry contains an extremely insignificant volume of carbon, making it water-resistant and safe to wear in most types of water. That means it's okay if you find yourself wearing Koréil jewelry when showering, at the beach or going about your day!

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Wearing your Koréil jewelry pieces in different types of water 💦 💍  

Showering with your Koréil jewelry 🚿 ✨

You can absolutely wear Koréil stainless steel based jewelry in the shower, pool or bathtub.

Wearing your Koréil jewelry in the ocean 🏝 🌊

Stainless steel used in making of Koréil jewelry is more corrosion resistant than other popular types of the same metal. Koréil jewelry is high in chromium and as such, it is safe to wear in saltwater.

Although the composition of saltwater is much different from freshwater, your Koréil jewelry pieces will be safe if worn in saltwater for shorter periods of time.

However, to prolongate the lifetime of your jewelry, we would recommended to remove the pieces beforehand, and dry them after exposure to water.

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Quick facts about Koréil jewelry 🤍 😍 

✨ Koréil jewelry is made with high-grade stainless steel which makes your jewelry pieces waterproof

 Our pieces use a minimal amount of carbon in manufacturing, making Koréil jewelry a much more sustainable choice than other brands on the market

 Koréil pieces won’t tarnish, they are sweat-proof, hypoallergenic and designed to last

 Koréil jewelry is meant to be timeless and become a staple in your collection. Our entire collection is designed to fit seamlessly, pick your favourite pieces and build your very own jewelry collection today!

PS. Our gold vermeil and sterling silver jewelry are resistant to water, but since they have a different composition of metals, they're not as tough against water as stainless steel. As such, we recommend you take extra care of these pieces and refrain from unnecessary use in water.

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