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Koréil Cubic Zirconia jewelry ✨ 💍

Ever wondered what a Zirconia stone actually is? Great, because we can’t wait to tell you! If you have been following Koréil for a while, you probably know that so many of our jewelry pieces contain zirconia stones for that bright and shiny look!


Cubic zirconia is a colourless,
synthetic gemstone made of the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide. In all Koréil jewelry that contains these bright gems, cubic zirconia was exclusively lab-created

What does that mean for you?
Not only are you getting a beautiful, shiny and stunning piece of jewelry you won’t wanna take off, but our cubic zirconia is a great and fairly-priced alternative to diamond jewelry. Koréil fine cubic zirconia pieces are much better for the environment as such, since they are lab-made!
Stunning, brilliant, shiny, clear and a great alternative to a real diamond - Koréil cubic zirconia stones are of highest grade quality available on the jewelry market.

How so, you may ask?
Although cubic zirconia is a naturally shiny gem alternative to a diamond, the clarity of the zirconia gem isn’t always a given. There are different grades of quality of the cubic zirconia, but let’s focus on the quality of Koréil zirconia gems!

Koréil cubic zirconia gems are rated AAAAA, which is the highest ranking on the jewelry market. Our zirconia is the toughest of all commercial types, with a hardness of 8.5 and a top-tier clarity. That means your gem-adorned gold jewelry pieces will not only remain sparkly, but are also waterproof and sweat- as well as tarnish-resistant.

What’s more, AAAAA cubic zirconia gems found in Koréil jewelry are polished just like any diamond would, and some of our pieces are remarkably similar in appearance. 

Check out our cubic zirconia picks we have put together for you and as always, please do not hesitate to let us know should you have any questions! 🤍 ✨

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