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Founder's story: The vision behind Koréil

Today I’d like to share a very personal story with you and the vision behind how Koréil came to life. The idea behind Koréil was first born in 1998, I just didn’t quite know it yet. As a young girl, I watched my mother start, and run three jewelry stores from ground up. She was responsible for sourcing all of the jewelry, decorating each of the individual stores (yes, this was way before e-commerce times!) and even customer service and everything in between.

Witnessing my mother design the most beautiful jewelry pieces, I was mesmerised by every single product and felt inspired by her vision, creativity and resilience. Since spending my early days at my mom’s boutiques after school, on the weekends and even during holidays, my dream has been to carry on the vision. Fast forward a lot of years later, I’ve decided to finally gather all of my courage and start the jewelry business of my dreams. My mother showed me that us women truly can do it all and the strength she modeled for me is something I still rely on when making decisions within Koréil.


Having spent so much of my childhood around jewelry, I was learning and absorbing very quickly. This time has helped me tremendously when creating Koréil, as it has taught me how to design high quality, beautiful products that will last through wear. Something that deeply stuck with me was how transformative jewelry was for the women wearing it. I absolutely loved seeing them walk in one of the stores and leave with a smile, loving how they look and how these stunning jewelry pieces made them feel. This feeling is so ingrained in my memory, that I knew I wanted Koréil to offer that same feeling to our customers.

Our main goal at Koréil is to offer you quality pieces that are long-lasting, fairly priced and that will become absolute staples in your growing jewelry-collection. We want you to be able to reach for whichever Koréil piece of jewelry you are feeling that day, and not have to worry if it’ll suit your outfit. We want you to be able to wear your jewelry all day long, and know it won’t tarnish, fade, react to sweat or when in contact with water.

Most importantly, we want you to feel beautiful, empowered, confident - because you deserve it. Every single woman does. We hope that Koréil jewelry will make you fall in love with gold jewelry all over again.

Much love,
Katarina - founder and creative director at Koréil Jewelry 

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